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The core value of NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ design is based on leveraging the high volume, low cost mass-production model of the CE industry and combining that with the mass-customization made possible by modularity. This enables the customer to mix and match mass-produced products to create a customized system that meets their unique needs.

NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system is designed to package, deliver and manage technology in a simple and straightforward manner that allows customers to easily adopt new technologies. In short, this is a sensible approach that makes technology more accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Our patented technologies are applicable across a broad range of platforms and applications and are extremely scalable. Our solutions reduce wiring complexity, make compatibility easy to determine, solve cooling issues and provide comprehensive automated technology management. The embedded nature of UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products enables powerful applications while providing greater reliability and speeding time to market for new product and service offerings.

NextBend did not invent modularity we simply make it better. There are and have been many modular products and concepts. What we did was create a clear path for future technologies by making shape indicate compatibility thus eliminating confusion in the marketplace. NextBend designed a cooling system that allows air to flow through the stacked products. We also make it possible for all the various "appliances" to work together to create a comprehensive system whose performance does not degrade as new products are added to the system.

NextBend was working toward a system of interconnected and interoperable appliances before the industry was thinking in terms of appliances.

Modular Digital Products Delivering the Future of Entertainment

The company's initial focus is on the delivery of entertainment applications and services. Our open licensing program is designed to create a broad multi-vendor eco system of product and service providers. Companies will compete within the modular UniStac system in the same way that consumer electronics companies do within component home entertainment systems.

Standardize . Specialize . Simplify

The UniStac system design impacts the delivery of digital technology into both the home and workplace. By combining established industry standards with our unique technology packaging we enable our partners to create specialized products that simplify the delivery, use and management of technology and facilitate recreation, productivity, creativity and innovation.

Right Now - As the cable and telecom industries move to deliver content over IP and replace older set-top and modem technology, there is a tremendous opportunity to extend their reach into other products and services.

NextBend's modular UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system is designed to allow the staged rollout of new products and services by simply adding a new device to the stack. Instead of swapping out set-tops and/or modems, they will deploy a UniStac Base Station that becomes the foundation for an expandable system capable of delivering all kinds of digital products and services.

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