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The future of digital technology can be summed up in one word - PRODUCTS. Please note the plural "products" - no single product can do it all; a system of products can.

At the most recent All Things Digital conference, Walt Mossberg identified a growing trend toward integrating hardware and software to create products. The problem with these new products is that they are ad hoc answers to a problem that begs for a comprehensive infrastructure solution. NextBend's goal is to facilitate the creation of a datacenter for the rest of us that incorporates these new products into a system.

The UniStac Media/Data center™ is a network of digital products (Decks). Each Deck provides maximum performance, reliability and ease of use. The UniStac Media/Data Center™ design allows the creation of a fully customized system that meets unique needs and budget of a home or small business. Additionally, our system is designed to make it simple to determine what works with what. The list of products is virtually unlimited and include home entertainment, building security, communications, and small business applications.

Many companies are currently building standalone digital appliances for a myriad of applications but they are proprietary islands of technology all requiring separate connections to other devices as well as power and communications. Incorporating these devices into anything like a comprehensive system is a daunting if not impossible task and a huge wiring mess.

By adopting the UniStac Media/Data Center™ design these appliances will become Decks that are as simple to interconnect as stacking Lego(R) blocks and eliminates wiring hassles. This is true Plug-n-Play.

A few examples of UniStac Media/Data Center products: (red indicates initial/foundation products)

  • Home Entertainment Deck
  • Home/Building Security Deck
  • Home Automation Deck
  • Graphics Creation Suite Deck
  • Office Productivity Suite Deck
  • Gateway/Modem/Firewall Deck
  • VoIP - Telephony Deck
  • UPS - Battery Backup Deck
  • Voice Recognition Deck
  • Wireless Networking Deck
  • Media/Data Library Deck

The embedded nature of the applications in the UniStac Media/Data Center™ Decks reduces variables and provides significant advantages in reliability and support costs. Leveraging the cost effectiveness of the consumer electronics mass production model will further reduce overall costs. The UniStac Media/Data Center™ system's shared cooling, power and communications reduces manufacturing costs as compared to standalone appliances that have individual power supplies. The UniStac Media/Data Center™ is a data center for the rest of us.

Advantages | Products | Cooling | Modular vs. Monolithic

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