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Introducing the UniStac Personal DataCenter™. Individual modules (Decks) that stack to form an easily expandable datacenter for the home.

Alan Kay said, "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." - NextBend's goal is to make that practical.

NextBend designed UniStac Personal DataCenter™ Decks to stack vertically and made determining compatibility as simple as looking at the basic shape of the Deck. This is not to say that all products will look alike. For example, Home entertainment components are all essentially rectangular boxes yet each one has a unique faceplate that provides the product company with visibility and branding. Likewise, in the UniStac Personal DataCenter™ each Deck can have a unique color, texture, display and faceplate that provide visibility and branding for each product company.

We designed the Decks to allow cooling air to flow up through the stacked system. Each Deck in the UniStac Personal DataCenter™ has an opening in the bottom that allows air to enter and another opening in the top to allow the air to exit. As the modules are stacked they form a cooling shaft that grows with the Home Datacenter. Efficient cooling results in a quieter system that is ideal for home. If necessary, a fan may be added to increase air flow.

We designed the StacTec(TM) connector, a unique bayonet connector that locks the Decks together and automatically makes the power and data connections without external wires. The StacTec connector is open in the center and forms the opening in both the top and bottom of each Deck that allow cooling air to flow through the system.

NextBend seeks to license our intellectual property to product developers/manufacturers interested in delivering UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products.

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