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UniStac UniStac Personal DataCenter: a system that literally puts it all together.

The UniStac Personal DataCenter was conceived by NextBend's founder, Tom Orr, at a time when the only discrete digital consumer electronics products available were game consoles. In the 1980s Orr envisioned a system of digital products capable of working with and eventually replacing traditional home entertainment components and personal computers in the home. At that time there were significant challenges to be overcome. For instance, things like home networking and high speed interconnections like 1394b and USB had yet to be developed. In addition, the cost of processing, memory and storage was prohibitively expensive.

Orr calculated that many if not all of these challenges would be significantly reduced if not entirely eliminated by the year 2000. He began work on the patents in 1996 and because of this early start was able to obtain broad patent protection for the concept.

The company's founder/president, Tom Orr, holds the rights to three issued US Patents protecting an apparatus, method and interconnection means (follow links to view patents), Trademarks, research and development and example prototypes.

Our Plan
Provide a platform for and a clear path to the future of digital media and products for the connected home and SMB space - the UniStac Personal DataCenter™. In order to create a large installed base, we will license to and work with leading companies with established brands to build the initial products designed to be delivered through the broadband service provider (BSP) channel. Once established, additional products will be sold into the installed UniStac Personal DataCenter™ base through both the BSP and retail channels. Our patent portfolio will provide significant barriers to entry in the UniStac Personal DataCenter™ space and thereby protect the margins of our partners/licensees.

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