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Form Factors and Compatibility

What do we mean when we say shape, or as the attorneys like to say "geometric configuration", indicates compatibility? It means consumers will be able to identify and buy new products that are compatible with their current system simply by looking at shape of the product. This will end the need to read "system requirements" on software boxes and greatly reduce the need for technical sales help.

This does not mean that all products must look the same. For instance, today's home entertainment components are all basically rectangular 19 inch rack mountable boxes and it is the faceplate that provides each component manufacturer visibility and branding. Each product in a UniStac system will also have a faceplate that allows the product company to create a unique look.

While developing our initial concept we were cognizant of the need to create a mechanism for adapting to different needs and dramatic changes in technology. That mechanism is the form factor. For instance, if the initial products had come out in 1987 using serial connections, at some point a faster connection means, e.g. USB or 1394x, would have made it worthwhile to invest in an entirely new system of products presented in a different form factor that made it clear it was incompatible with older products. Thus, eliminating any confusion in the market place. In addition, UniStac Datacenters may be made for different markets e.g., personal, small business and enterprise. Again, compatibility of each would be easily identifiable by shape.

In the example above, it is simple to determine that products made in form factor "a" would not be compatible with those made in form factor "d".

NextBend has created an example form factor (photo upper left) and will work with leading product manufacturers/licensees to determine production form factors and designs. Our goal is to insure that all UniStac Datacenter products delivered in a particular form factor are compatible with all other products delivered in that same form factor.

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