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Consumers: All types of consumers want broad, easy access to all types of content whether through subscriptions or on a per transaction basis. They want greater control of the content, products and services they use everyday and they want the delivery devices to be easy to use, reliable and secure. Additionally, they want to build a customized system piecemeal over time that meets their unique needs. In other words, they want what they want, when they want it.

NextBend’s modular UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system concept is designed from the ground up to adapt to changing technology and consumer needs. Our unique Base Station design provides a trusted central point of connectivity to the outside world and forms the foundation for a new world of interconnected digital products. The system allows consumers to buy what they currently need or want and add new products piecemeal over time as needs and finances dictate. For instance, they may elect to start with the Base Station product that provides greater security and access to content for existing legacy equipment i.e. personal computers, set-tops and consumer electronics products. Next, they may decide to add a media device that gives them control of entertainment content and a library device that provides secure local storage for movies, music and other digital information.

As the system matures, the number and type of UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products designed to stack on the Base Station foundation will swell to provide nearly limitless choice with regard to functions, brand and price. The system is extremely scalable and provides practical solutions for all types of consumers from home to enterprise and everything in between.

Content Creators and Aggregators: The goal of content creators and providers is always to reach the broadest possible audience and billions are spent each year on distribution and marketing. Piracy and theft of valuable content was well know long before the music industry experienced the file sharing fiasco and billions have been spent on efforts to protect content.

The music file sharing experience did prove an important fact, that is; given broad easy access, people will listen to more and a greater variety of music. It also proved that the entertainment industry must adapt more quickly in order to profit in the digital world.

Entertainment can be delivered in a pure digital form and therefore is one of the few products that can take full advantage of the frictionless nature of Internet commerce. The UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system of products will provide ease of use and reliability without sacrificing power and expandability. These products form the center of the entertainment experience, offering advanced digital technology and easy adoption of future technologies.

Providing the consumers with broad access to content combined with reasonable pricing and an easy means of payment creates tremendous opportunities for audience growth. Our system is designed to facilitate the secure delivery and management of content and to adapt to changing protocols and technology.

Service Providers: The modular design of the UniStac Personal DataCenter™ allows service providers to expand service offerings in stages. As new technologies become available and subscriber demand is deemed to have reached a level that makes it profitable the service provider simply offers a new product for the stacked system.

Providing broadband connectivity is extremely profitable, it would be made even more profitable by eliminating the cost of supporting PCs. The demand for broadband connectivity has been limited by the lack of a suitable receiver. Today, the choices are limited to either a PC or an appliance fed by a broadband modem and faster Internet “surfing” is the only motivation. As we move to deliver entertainment and communications over the Web, a new system will be necessary.

Once upon a time, cable and satellite service providers could deploy a standard set-top to every subscriber; this is no longer the case. Today, they must offer a wide range of set-tops with variable and constantly changing combinations of functions. When the subscriber wants new functions the “box” must be replaced with a new one and this causes additional truck rolls. Failure to offer all the latest functionality results in loss of subscribers or churn.

It is impractical to put every available function into a single box to be delivered to every subscriber. It would be far too expensive to deploy these 'ultra-set-tops' to every subscriber unless they were all willing to pay for these new features.

The UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system’s modularity gives the service provider the flexibility to mix and match modular products to meet every subscribers unique needs. The subscriber decides what additional features they want and when they want them, then self-install the new device into the system. This is far more cost effective because the subscriber creates a customized system that meets their needs and budget.

Product Companies: The connected and specialized nature of UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products reduces costs and speeds time-to-market for all digital products. This is particularly true for traditional software developers who are constantly forced to deal with problems caused by third party operating systems, software and hardware.

Product companies select the optimal configuration of hardware, operating system, memory, and processing for their application(s) and deliver it to the consumer as a complete digital product. This dedicated configuration gives the developer the ability to thoroughly test and certify their product and deliver it more rapidly to the market.

The UniStac Base Station provides connectivity, power, communications and a trust environment for all the products in the stacked system. This further reduces cost and development time.

Relieved of the burden of solving problems caused by third parties, developers can focus on delivering new features and functions. The unique connectivity provided by our Base Station allows product companies to market new features and functions and make them instantly available to all their customers.

Internet telephony is an excellent example of a technology that had to break free of the computer in order to soar. The VoIP appliance has caused a huge surge in acceptance. Imagine how much more quickly all technologies would be adopted if they could simply added to an existing UniStac system.

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