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NextBend, Inc. ("NextBend" or the "Company”) is the pioneer of flexible modular systems that turn exceedingly complex digital technologies into consumer-friendly appliances. Our patented UniStac Personal DataCenter™ platform makes it easy for home users and small businesses to buy and use digital technology. The UniStac™ integrates diverse digital products into a single comprehensive system, a datacenter for for the rest of us that is both reliable and easy to buy and use.

Featuring form factor compatibility, integrated cooling, wire-free interconnections, and automatic discovery & self-configuration, our UniStac Personal DataCenter™ significantly increases efficiency in the development, manufacturing, delivery, and use of digital products. The UniStac Personal DataCenter™ gives product developers & manufacturers a clear path to interoperability, significantly reduced time-to-market, and lower production and support costs. And Consumers benefit by being able to assemble a fully customized, compatible collection of digital appliances (Decks™) that form the UniStac Personal DataCenter™, over time as their needs and budget dictate.

NextBend’s technologies apply across a broad range of industries, markets and applications. However, the Company's initial focus is on solutions for the home entertainment, networking and communications space. Our UniStac Personal DataCenter™ approach breaks through the logjam that has restricted growth in this sector. We have designed a powerful, affordable, expandable home datacenter platform that provides immediate benefits for consumers, broadband providers, application developers, and everyone involved in delivering on the rich promise of the digital home lifestyle.

Everyone is talking about the Triple Play: voice, video and data delivered through a broadband pipe. But the question remains – into what? In answer to that question NextBend has designed the UniStac Personal DataCenter™. The UniStac Personal DataCenter™ is the ideal customer premises equipment for broadband providers. A core set of Decks is deployed to broadband subscribers on a sale or lease basis. Additional Decks, that provide new applicatons, capacity and services, will then produce additional recurring revenues. The subscriber instantly installs these new Decks by simply stacking them on to their existing UniStac Personal DataCenter™. The UniStac reduces truck rolls and support costs for service providers while increasing subscriber loyalty.

The Company's strategy is to encourage rapid adoption of the UniStac Personal DataCenter™ platform by partnering with leading broadband providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and application developers. Licensing our core intellectual property and associated technologies will create a broad multi-vendor eco system of home datacenter products, competing on the basis of form, function and price. We seek licensees and strategic partners to develop, market and sell these new UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products.

As the pioneer of the field, we have built a broad intellectual property portfolio protecting our methodology, apparatus and associated technologies. NextBend holds the rights to three key US patents (issued) that provide both broad and strategic protection and create significant barriers to entry. Licensing NextBend’s patented UniStac Personal DataCenter™ technology will enable product companies to create a new universe of interoperable digital products that reduce wiring complexity, increase reliability and product life cycles while creating significant new revenue streams and distribution channels. And UniStac™ maintains and enhances brand visibility for our licensees. Decks may be designed with their company logos and colors, giving every product a visual brand presence in the stacked home datacenter system. Combining UniStac Personal DataCenter™ technological advantages with established brands will speed adoption and reduce marketing costs.

The Company has designed and built concept prototypes and is positioned to offer technical, engineering and product design assistance to partner companies. In conjunction with our partners we have developed software for automatic product discovery/registration and a messaging protocol for inter-Deck communications. The Company expects strong licensing revenues as well as revenues from product development collaborations. We believe we will enhance our partners' and licensees’ competitive advantages and allow them to create superior products and greater value.

company | advisors | partners

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