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Delivering the Future
NextBend provides the means to reshape complex technology into consumer friendly products/appliances that become part of a unified system. A UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system adapts to and incorporates new technologies rather than being replaced by them. Our modular approach will benefit consumers, broadband providers, application developers and everyone involved in delivering on the promise of the digital lifestyle.

Triple Play
Everyone is focused on the "triple play" - delivering voice, video and data through a broadband pipe (copper, cable, fiber or wireless), . The question remains; into what? NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system is designed to answer that question.

Delivering the Technology - A New Platform
NextBend's modular UniStac Personal DataCenter™ platform is designed to incorporate products that package and deliver digital technology in much the same way component home entertainment products do today - sans all the wires and huge boxes. This is not about creating new technology; it is about packaging and delivering both current and future technologies.

Our UniStac Personal DataCenter™ design allows our partner/licensees to create products that become part of an expandable system, capable of delivering ALL the applications (information, communications, entertainment, home automation/security, etc.) the consumer currently needs or may need in the future. This is digital convergence made practical.

Making Technology More Friendly
Our goal is to make it easier to buy, install and use digital technology and at the same time make it more reliable. The result is a system of technology products that make people feel comfortable, confident and empowered. Click here to read more.

Speeding New Products to Market
Today, application developers must test against millions of configurations and still face a support nightmare when the product is released to the public. Our UniStac design gives application developers control of their own custom configuration of hardware, software and operating system on which to test, certify and deliver the product(s).

Making Compatibility Easy to Determine
The shape of the product indicates its compatibility with other products that have the same shape. Thus, customers/subscribers can tell simply by looking at a product that it will work with their existing system. This substantially reduces the need for technical sales support and makes it easy buy and add new products to the system. Click here for more.

Click here to see an example system.

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