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NextBend's patented UniStac Personal DataCenter system solves significant problems for home owners, small businesses, service providers and digital product developers/manufacturers.


Consumers and subscribers want products that are reliable and easy to buy and use. They also want a unified comprehensive system that gives them centralized control. No one wants a system that has to be replaced every time a new technology is introduced or one that requires constant maintenance.

NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ is designed to address all of those issues.

Service Providers

Service providers are currently deploying at least three different types of boxes; set-top (with various combinations of features), VoIP and modem appliances. Each require a separate connection to the network, other products and power. In the case of the set-top, every time the subscriber wants a new feature set it requires another truck roll to swap boxes.

With NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ system all the products become part of a single system with common power and communications. Additional products (Decks) can be self-installed by the subscriber - no truck roll required.

Product/Application Developers

Digital products are proliferating at an incredible rate and most are proprietary technology islands. Finding compatible products with which to build a system is difficult if not impossible even for tech savvy consumers. Few if any of these one box solutions have even saturated the early adopter segment.


NextBend's UniStac Personal DataCenter™ solves the problem of identifing compatible products and provides a framework for interoperability. The UniStac Personal DataCenter™ products also provide a stable platform; one that allows applications to be tested on exactly the same hardware and configuration on which they will be delivered to the end user.


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Advantages | Products | Cooling | Modular vs. Monolithic


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