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NextBend Inc was formed to promote and facilitate the licensing or acquisition of rights to 3 issued patents held by its founder. The three patents protect an apparatus, method and interconnection means for forming an entertainment, computing and communication system for the home and SMB comprised of stackable digital appliances.

Dubbed the UniStac Personal Datacenter™ (UPD), the easy to expand, modular system is designed to work with existing computer and consumer electronics products while providing a clear path to an entirely new system of digital products for the home and small to midsized business markets. At its core, this is an apparatus, method and interconnection means for the packaging and delivery digital products in a way that makes sense to consumers, service providers and developers.

The internal connections and easy to identify compatibility of UPD products will make it easy for consumers to buy and self-install new digital products purchased through retail or service provider channels. Consumers will be able to build a completely customized system that meets their current needs and can be expanded to meet future needs. Service providers will be able to deliver new products and services through the mail without rolling a truck. Developers will be able to chose the OS and hardware best suited for their application. Developers will also be able to test on the exact platform the application will run on and therefore reduce the time to market for new products.

If we think of the home in terms of it being a small enterprise it quickly becomes evident that the home, like the enterprise, requires a data center. Data centers are by nature centralized, modular and expandable. It follows that a system for the home and SMB must also be centralized, modular and expandable. This is what the UniStac Personal Datacenter™ is designed to be.


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